Father passes longtime Shenango Valley business on to his son

A store that has been selling vacuums in the Shenango Valley for almost 50 years is celebrating another milestone.

The next generation of the Cornman family is taking over Cornman's Sweeperland, and Friday community leaders gathered to celebrate this family's commitment to the area.

A ribbon-cutting signaled the hand-off of a father's business to his son.

"I'm proud of my son for wanting to take it over," said Russell Cornman, who started Cornman's Sweeperland 47 years ago.

The shop began in Sharon in 1972 and moved to its current location on East State Street in Hermitage in 1989.

Now Russell's son, Craig, will take the reigns of selling vacuums and parts and repairing the machines.

"I'm the one that's going to be part-time retired, but I'm going to keep an eye on my son. But he doesn't need it. He really knows the business," Russell said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Craig went on to say, "Thank you. I appreciate everything. I didn't want to cry, but I'm going to. It's a big deal for me for everybody to be here; my wife, my mom, my dad, my sister, you guys. He took me in when I was a little sick and couldn't work another job, learned the business got a passion for it, love the area."

Community leaders also recognized Craig's passion for the business and carrying the family's torch in attendance including the president of the Hermitage Board of Commissioners and executive director of the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce.

"A lot of the changes we deal with, challenges in our rust belt region, with people moving away. It's super exciting to see a family business that's going to stay and remain in our community for years," said Sherris Moreira, Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Craig is also extremely grateful for this chance to do the job he loves.

"I appreciate my dad giving me the opportunity. Thank you. I love you, dad," Craig said as he hugged his father during the event.

Craig told 21 News that he enjoys helping customers find and test out in person the right vacuum that fits them.

Source: WFMJ21

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