Buying a new vacuum isn't always fun. With Cornman's Sweeperland, we're making it so! Bring in your old vacuum and trade it in to us for a minimum of $50.00 toward your purchase of select new Miele, Lindhaus, or Sirena vacuums. Who else will give you $50 for your old, used vacuum??

For more information about our rental service, feel free to contact us or stop by our store for more info.

Get The RIGHT Vacuum...

We know you're not an expert on vacuum cleaners. But you're in luck, because we are! And more importantly for you, we aim to save good people from bad vacuums. We look at the whole picture: type of home, heating style, types of flooring, pets, children, allergies, physical ailments and more. Why? Because all of those things can affect you when you vacuum.

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